Cantilever & Suspended Scaffolding

Scaffolding Birmingham companies supply and build scaffoldings of unrivaled quality. We offer a variety of scaffoldings ranging from the traditional ones to the ones fitted with power access cables. We value the safety of your construction crew therefore, we ensure that our scaffoldings are stable and safe. Two of our renowned scaffolding types are the cantilever scaffolding and suspended scaffolding.

Cantilever scaffolding;

This type of scaffolding is also referred to the needle scaffolding. The standards are not fixed into the ground; they are supported by a series of needles which come out through holes in the wall. The needles are usually made of timber. There are two types namely; single frame and independent or double frame type of scaffolding. In the double type, the needles are supported by strut wedges between the head piece and the needle from the other side of the wall. In between the inclined struts and the needles, are dogs clamped onto them. This helps to stabilize the needles and stop them from lifting up.

Conditions under which Cantilevers scaffolding are recommended;

· When the construction project is on a busy street

· When standards cannot be supported by the ground

· When constructing a very tall building

Suspended Scaffolding:

In contrast to cantilever scaffolding Birmingham, this type of scaffolding dangles from the roof via ropes or chains. Just like the Cantilever type, it is used when the construction crew reach the upper parts of the building. It is mobile and can therefore be lifted higher or lowered to the ground whenever required. Aside from construction work, it can also be used by painters and window cleaners in high towers. The diverse types of suspended scaffolding include; single-pint adjustable, two-point or swing stage and multi-point adjustable scaffoldings.

Scaffolding has been used for hundreds of years because it provides a firm platform for your workers. Scaffolding Birmingham walks with you all the way through your construction project.